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Pneuton Introduces PneuCAB™

by | Sep 21, 2016 | News | 0 comments

Looking for customised fully 316L stainless steel control cabinets?  Our PneuCAB™ product offers just the thing!  


PneuCAB™ control cabinet, fully 316L stainless steel construction, including the removable back panel, heavy duty door stays and T key operating mechanism.  Fabricated from 2mm or 3mm thick material, the cabinet is provided with internal and external earth bonding points and mounting lugs for ease of installation on site. Populated with the AVL compliant controls to meet the project specifications, including the mimic diagrams, our flexible and experienced PNEUTON™ engineering team will ensure we deliver this compliant solution within a short lead-time.

Expect more than products, expect solutions – Think PNEUTON™

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