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Linear to Rotary ‘PneuLINK™’ Integrated Control

Linear to Rotary 'PneuLINK™' Integrated Control Platform Nice batch of ORBINOX ‘XC’ series hopper outlet knife gate valves c/w deflector cones, flush ports, and automated with our double acting pneumatic cylinder. The customer selected our proprietary...

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Solvent Extraction Knife Gate Valves

Solvent Extraction Knife Gate Valves Today our workshop technicians have been working on a batch of ORBINOX ‘BC’ square ported knife gate valves. The body & gate has been fabricated from AISI 316 material, with a Viton resilient seat, and custom flange design, in...

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Incineration Knife Gate Valves

Incineration knife gate valves from Orbinox UK! Incineration can be described as a thermal waste treatment process that involves the combustion of organic substances contained in waste materials. Incineration of waste materials converts the waste into ash, flue gas...

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Quality of Service

Service through quality of response to fully understand the customer’s application, specifications and requirements to supply a fully compliant and on time solution.

Excellence in Engineering

Service through engineering excellence in terms of design innovation, engineering flexibility and quality of 3D drawings as a result of our technical community’s vast and diverse experience.

1st Class Solutions

Service through stock availability of key products to support the valve market helping to be the best possible on time delivery.

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