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General Industrial

Orbinox UK has supplied a wide range of valves to virtually all types of industry requiring solid handling solutions globally. At Orbinox UK, we can deliver both highly specialized, engineered products as well as standard products that meet internationally recognized standards, approvals, performance and quality.

General Industrial covers a wide range of applications such as bulk handling, air separation, chemical processing, steel, life science, irrigation, food and many others.

Bulk Handling Equipment
Used for the handling of dry solids of different granulates under severe working conditions of pressure, temperature and abrasiveness.

Air Separation
Engineered valves used in the process of separating atmospheric air into its primary components.

Chemical Processing
Reliability and safety in demanding applications such as production, distribution, surface treatment and biofuels.

Steel Industry
Engineered valves and dampers to control gases in the steel manufacturing process.

Life Science
Safety, high purity and sterility are paramount when it comes to applications within the Life Science segment.

If you have a General Industrial enquiry, please contact our sales team on sales@orbinox.co.uk or 01243 810240.

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