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Food Processing Butterfly Valve – InterApp Desponia

by | Jul 23, 2021 | News

Food Processing Butterfly Valve

Food processing butterfly valve – InterApp Desponia

Did you know InterApp can supply our DESPONIA series resilient seated butterfly valve technology with EC 1935:2004 compliance, in sizes DN25 (1″) – DN600 (24″), with larger sizes on request.

The framework regulation EC 1935:2004 provides a harmonised legal EU framework. It sets out the general principles of safety and inertness for all Food Contact Materials (FCMs).

Our liner technology is available in EPDM or NITRILE material, and can be supplied colour coded (WHITE or BLUE). The blue colour on this food processing butterfly valve is becoming the preferred option for applications in the food processing industries due to better visibility of potential contaminant parts. The blue material does not reflect light as much as smooth white surfaces allowing for an easier detection by operators or by optoelectronic devices.

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