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Drilling Mud Knife Gate Valve

by | Jul 18, 2019 | News

Drilling Mud Knife Gate Valve from Orbinox UK…This particular ORBINOX ‘EX’ series Drilling Mud Knife Gate Valve is destined for use on an off-shore drilling mud application. On this occasion, the specification called for a double acting pneumatic actuator c/w our proprietary PneuLINK™ linear-to-rotary integrated control platform. Our 316 stainless steel intrinsically safe Valve Control Monitor solution was selected, incorporating 2-off NAMUR inductive proximity sensors and a mono-stable solenoid valve. The latter includes a manual override facility with detent functionality, allowing the technicians to open / close the valve-actuator assembly in the absence of the solenoids supply voltage, a great feature to assist with system commissioning off-shore. ORBINOX – Valve solutions in more than 70 countries

Drilling Mud Knife Gate Valve From Orbinox UK


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