PNEUTON™ Controls
Our PNEUTON™ engineering team has just completed the 3D models for our next contract…… This 20″ class 600 ball valve will be automated with a BETTIS™ GH7128-SR4 single acting scotch yoke pneumatic actuator. The local controls include a 1:1 ratio filter volume booster c/w closed loop breather system. The design incorporated our proprietary 316L stainless steel tandem mount system that facilitates the fitting of the Valve Position Monitor, in conjunction with the DVC6215 position feedback unit.
Pneuton controls control panel Pneuton controls and Bettis actuation
The instrument panel will be remote mounted on this occasion, and was designed to meet the project specific logic, and included the DVC6205 SIS positioner c/w LCP100 electrical control panel.  An air reservoir was sized to accommodate the positioner’s static air consumption over an agreed time frame, to ensure the ESDV remained open under a catastrophic air failure event. It’s application is the ESD valve on a crude export pipeline, situated on an off-shore platform. Valve Automation – THINK PNEUTON™