Wouter Witzel Butterfly Valve Technology

Wouter Witzel Butterfly Valve Technology from Orbinox UK

Our PneuQEV™ product is a NAMUR mounted Quick Exhaust Valve assembly that, when used in conjunction with a standard 3/2 solenoid valve, provides a cost effective and compact solution to significantly reduce the speed of the fail safe operating time in traditional rack & pinion actuators, without the need for expensive and time consuming actuator port modifications. Available in both NAMUR 1 & NAMUR 2 configurations, for optimum flexibility.

This batch of DN350 Wouter Witzel butterfly valve have been automated with EL-O-MATIC ‘F’ series single acting pneumatic actuators, and populated with NAMUR mounted controls, comprising our PneuQEV™ block c/w an ASCO 551 series solenoid valve. The fail safe stroke operating time for this assembly is < 0.8 seconds!

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Wouter Witzel Butterfly Valve