Solvent Extraction Valves

Today our workshop technicians have been working on a batch of ORBINOX 625mm² ‘BC’ square ported knife gate solvent extraction valves.

The body & gate has been fabricated from AISI 316 material, with a Viton resilient seat, and custom flange design, in accordance with the project requirements. The valve has been automated with our double acting pneumatic cylinder, fitted with our proprietary PneuLINK™ linear to rotary integrated control platform c/w an intrinsically safe Valve Control Monitor, incorporating the 2-off NAMUR inductive sensors, and the integral 5/2 mono-stable solenoid valve.

Our solvent extraction Solvent Extraction Valvesvalves have been assessed and certified by a third party notified body for use in ATEX category 1 (internal) and category 2 & 3 (external) applications, for both dust and gas hazards.

Our Knife Gate Valve technology was selected for use on a solvent extraction process.

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