Sliding Gate Control Valves From Orbinox UK

Today our workshop technicians at Orbinox UK have been testing this batch of Schubert & Salzer SS316 wafer pattern ‘sliding gate’ control valves. The valves inherent space and weight reduction characteristic offers a significant advantage over traditional control valves, for a compact and easy installation on site.  Additionally, these valves have a much smaller actuator requirement relative to traditional control valves, resulting in far less air consumption, and faster operating times, thus allowing the valve to follow the process variable both quickly and accurately. The sliding gate controlSliding Gate Control Valves valves inherent geometry avoids cavitation issues, and operates quietly by lowering turbulence. 

The largest valve in the photo is 3” (DN80), weighing approx. 13.4Kg, 8mm stroke with linear characteristic (40:1 rangeability), and fitted with a SIEMENS PS2 smart positioner c/w filter-regulator.