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3/4 way valve

3/4 way valve

3/4V model


3/4 way valve for high solids concentration media or fluids in pulp & paper

The 3V and 4V models are diverter valves designed to handle fluids with solids in suspension. Mainly used for pulp stock in the Pulp and Paper industry.


Please contact Orbinox UK for information and availability of categories and zones.



DN 80 to DN 300 (other dimensions on request)

Working pressure

DN 80 to DN 300: 10 kg/cm²

Standard actuator

  • Handwheel w/ Bevel gear
  • Pneumatic double acting


Standard flange connection

EN1092 PN10 and ANSI B16.5 (class 150)

Other flange connections are available on request.


Cast monoblock designed with reinforced ribs in larger diameters, which provide extra body strength. This design prevents the build up of solids. The upper cap is made of the same material as the body.


Made of stainless steel and machined, it ensures closure with the body. It is guided by a nylon bearing and designed to prevent any clogging and to allow several flow positions, including direct flow in some models.

Epoxy coating

All the cast iron components of the ORBINOX valves are covered with an EPOXI coating applied by means of an electrolytic process which provides the valves with great resistance to corrosion and an excellent surface finish. The ORBINOX standard colour is RAL-5015 blue.

Other materials

It is possible to use RILSAN for the coating and to use other materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel (AISI 316L, 317…), special alloys (254SMO©, Hastelloys…) and titanium for the body.


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Installation Operation&Maintenance Manual 3/4V (Manuals)

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