PneuLINK™ integrated control platform

PneuLINK™ integrated control platform from Pneuton™

ORBINOX ‘EX’ series uni-directional knife gate valve, automated with our double acting pneumatic cylinder c/w a manual override hand-wheel assembly. Our proprietary PneuLINK™ linear to rotary integrated control platform was selected for the control instrumentation.

This solution is becoming increasing more popular, as the Valve Control Monitor (VCM) acts as an integral junction box, reducing site cabling and installation costs. No exposed wires, IP67 ingress protected, and 360° colour coding for open/closed position visual impact!

The PneuLINK’s dynamic mechaniPneuLINK™ integrated control platformsm, which is connected directly to the gate (blade) for optimum integrity, is both self-compensating and self-aligning, with minimal backlash and hysteresis, for high repeatability and total reliability.

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