Passive Fire Protection Products. Think PNEUTON™

Passive Fire Protection Products, think PNEUTON™

There are two common types of fire that may occur within a hydrocarbon-processing complex. The first is a pool fire and this typically occurs when a flammable liquid leaks from a vessel or pipeline to form a fluid reservoir, which then ignites. The hydrocarbon pool fire will generate temperatures of more than 1000C within ten minutes of ignition with heat fluxes of around 150kW/m2.

The second, and potentially more dangerous type, is a jet fire which can occur following the rupture of a pressurised vessel or pipeline. A jet fire will exhibit the same temperature rise, but the heat flux could be double that of the pool fire.

Three distinct types of passive fire protection products are normally used in hydrocarbon processing applications, namely; Cementitious products, Intumescent coatings and blanket systems.

This valve/actuator assembly required the use of both rigid stainless steel insulation panels and a flexible close fitting mattress system, offering 60 minutes protection against a jet fire, including blast load protection. Engineered and manufactured by Darchem Engineering UK.

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Passive Fire Protection Products