Our PNEUTON™ engineering team has developed PneuQEV™

Elomatic & PneuQEV 13 July 2017Do you have ‘slam-shut’ valve applications c/w large displacement rack & pinion actuators with a NAMUR 1 interface? Our PNEUTON™ engineering team has developed our PneuQEV™ product, a NAMUR mounted Quick Exhaust Valve assembly that, when used in conjunction with a 3/2 solenoid valve, provides a fast fail safe operation in spring return actuation applications, whilst maintaining a closed loop breather system, WITHOUT the need to modify the standard G1/4″ ports. Our first order was for EL-O-MATIC PS4000/12 actuators to automate free issue F22 ball valves….. Actuator displacement = 13.5ltrs @ 1 atmosphere, achieving a closing time of less than 2 seconds Valve Automation – THINK PNEUTON™