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Square Ported Knife Gate Valve Technology

by | Mar 15, 2019 | News


Square Ported Knife Gate Valve Technology from Orbinox
Our ORBINOX ‘BC’ series square ported knife gate valve technology can be custom fabricated to meet our customers specifications, including the mating flange alignment. This valve is destined for use on a bulk handling application, and has been automated with a double acting pneumatic actuator c/w our proprietary PneuLINK™ linear-to-rotary integrated controls platform. The PneuLINK™ dynamic mechanism is both self-compensating and self- aligning, with minimal backlash and hysteresis, for high repeatability and total reliability. Our Valve Position Monitor (VPM) solution was selected, incorporating 2-off potential free contacts. The open / closed position BEACON indicator, with 360° colour coding for maximum visual impact, offers instant visual recognition of the valves position from all vantage points up to 50 metres. Click the below link for our features & benefits guide: https://lnkd.in/d-yMXeu ORBINOX – Valve solutions in more than 70 countries
Square Ported Knife Gate Valve Technology


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