Slurry knife gate valve technology from Orbinox UK
Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA) represents some challenging applications within the Power Industry. PFA particles are captured from the flue gas by electro-static precipitators. ESP is a filtration device that removes the fine particles using the force of an induced electro-static charge. The PFA is then held in hoppers beneath the precipitators, where it can be withdrawn as a dry product for direct use in cement or concrete, or it can be conditioned by mixing it with water, to create a slurry that can be easily transported to the ash ponds. Our ‘VG’ & ‘WG’ series slurry handling knife gate valve technology offers field proven results within these arduous applications, for a longer installed life, with a low maintenance regime. Find out more….. ORBINOX – Valve solutions in more than 70 countries
Slurry knife gate valve technology