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Orbinox UK Open For Business!

by | Mar 31, 2020 | News

Orbinox UK Open For Business!

In line with Government advice and instructions we have made several changes to our business.
We are fully operational and open for business as usual (virtually).

  • All staff that can work from home are now working from home and thanks to modern technology this should have no impact on our service levels.
  • Please use the usual contact emails or phone numbers.
    • All Sales enquiries & orders should be directed to sales@orbinox.co.uk
    • Or call us on 01243 810240
  • Production and despatch teams are still operating a normal day, but with social distancing. Key staff that need to travel to work have been issued with a company letter explaining the need for their journey.
  • Stocks had already been increased over the last 12 months (Brexit)! Which will help mitigate any interruptions in supply.
  • We also offer remote inspection via video to save inspectors from having to travel along with increased use of video conferencing both internally and externally.

During these unprecedented times we will endeavour to keep delivering the product and service levels that our customers expect and we will continue to keep you updated but if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
Keep safe, keep washing those hands and keep smiling.
Yours faithfully,
Orbinox UK
Simon Penfold
Managing Director

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