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Hygienic Process Control Valve – Orbinox EX Series

by | Jul 29, 2020 | News

Hygienic Process Control Valve

Hygienic Process Control Valve for the food and beverage industry.

Nothing like a little custom designed instrumentation to keep our workshop technicians challenged this week…

Our ORBINOX ‘EX’ series knife gate valve technology was selected for a high integrity hygienic process control application.

The valves were manufactured from CF8M material, with a highly polished AISI 316 gate, and EC 1935 compliant seals. The body was fitted with 5-off flushing ports c/w our purge system, engineered to ensure a uniform pressure at each flush port, for optimum performance. The space envelope within the piping system dictated a unique instrument tube layout, which had to be millimetre perfect, to avoid any unwanted clashes!

Both single and double acting pneumatic actuators were specified for the different applications, with each valve fitted with our proprietary PneuLINK™ linear-to-rotary integrated control platform c/w a PMV ‘flameproof’ SMART positioner, allowing the valves to control the media proportionately to the 4-20mA DC input signal.

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