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EL-O-MATIC F Series Actuator For Oil & Gas Installation

by | Feb 28, 2020 | News

Our PNEUTON™ engineering team has recently completed the 3D models for our next contract…… This 14″ class 150 ball valve has been automated with an EL-O-MATIC ‘F’ series rack & pinion single acting pneumatic actuator, and is populated with the project specified controls. The EL-O-MATIC F series actuator standard paint system has been 1000hr salt spray tested according to ASTM B117 for optimum durability. The high grade aluminium alloy pinion employed ensures that the potential difference between the body housing and pinion reduces any galvanic corrosion issues, offering a rugged ‘fit and forget’ solution, even in the harshest environments. DestineEL-O-MATIC F Series Actuatord for use within an on-shore Oil & Gas installation.

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