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Drilling Mud Fluid Knife Gate Valves

by | May 16, 2019 | News

Drilling Mud Fluid Knife Gate Valves from Orbinox UK
A drilling mud fluid, is an oil or water-based mix of minerals (barite, calcium carbonate), salts and polymers formulated to protect the drill and the shaft during oil or gas borehole drilling. Drill cuttings are produced as the rock is broken by the drill bit advancing through the rock or soil; the cuttings are usually carried to the surface by drilling fluid circulating up from the drill bit. The discharge of the oil based cuttings generated with oil based fluids is not permitted in most offshore-drilling areas, thus all such cuttings and waste fluids are processed, and shipped to shore for disposal. This batch of ORBINOX ‘ET’ series knife gate valves is destined for use on an oil based mud application. The valves are fitted with double acting hydraulic actuators, including our PneuLINK™ linear-to rotary integrated controls platform. ORBINOX – Valve solutions in more than 70 countries
Drilling Mud Fluid Knife Gate Valves

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