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Butterfly Valve For Chemical Process

by | Nov 27, 2020 | News

Butterfly Valve For Chemical Process

Did you know InterApp can supply our DESPONIA series resilient seated butterfly valve technology with HALAR (E-CTFE) coated discs, in sizes DN25 (1″) – DN1600 (64″)?

HALAR fluoropolymer is widely regarded as one of the most chemically resistant polymers today. With excellent corrosion resistance, HALAR combined with our VITON liner technology, is an ideal combination for specific industrial chemical applications. The fully lugged pattern body promotes perfect alignment of the piping system, and ensures future safe removal under any maintenance regime, as best practise.

This DESPONIA wafer lugged butterfly valve for chemical process has a ductile iron body c/w 70 micron paint system, VITON liner, HALAR coated disc, and has been automated with an IA Motion single acting pneumatic actuator.

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