‘Fit and Forget’ EL-O-Matic Actuators

‘Fit and Forget’ EL-O-Matic Actuators from Orbinox UK
Did you know that the EL-O-MATIC ‘F’ series pneumatic actuators can be supplied with a CSR-coating system (inside and out), a process involving a ceramic filled fluoropolymer based epoxy resin, impregnated by a temperature of 240 deg C into the aluminium surface, offering superior corrosion resistance in aggressive environments, such as offshore platforms, and in the chemical industry – demonstrating excellent resistance to exposure to acidic or alkaline solutions.

This option is often used in conjunction with a SS316 pinion & fasteners, offering a rugged ‘fit and forget’ solution, even in the harshest environments.

This batch of CSR-coated actuators has been populated with the project specified controls, and is destined for use on an offshore Oil & Gas installation.

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Fit and Forget EL-O-Matic actuators