EL-O-MATIC ‘F’ series pneumatic actuator

EL-O-MATIC ‘F’ series pneumatic actuator from Orbinox UK.

It’s been a busy end to the week for our workshop technicians with multiple contracts in various stages of build… This 6″ class 150 ball valve has been automated with an EL-O-MATIC ‘F’ series single acting pneumatic actuator, and is populated with the project specified controls. The system includes a SWAGELOK fusible fitting, with an eutectic alloy plug, which has a specific melting point. If the fitting is exposed to temperatures at or above this melting point, the eutectic alloy plug will melt, venting the pressure inside to atmosphere, causing the valve-actuator assembly to be returned to it’s FAIL SAFE condition. Valve Automation – THINK PNEUTON™
EL-O-MATIC 'F' series pneumatic