El-O-Matic E-Series Pneumatic Actuators

We had previously supplied a large quantity of EL-O-MATIC E-series pneumatic actuators against a challenging application that required the complete assembly to meet a demanding vibration and shock test specification.

With the launch of the new ‘F’ series, we engaged with EMERSON to source stock of any EL-O-MATIC E-Series pneumatic actuators EL-O-Matic E-Series Pneumatic Actuators that may still be available…. fortunately we managed to source these ES1600/4 actuators, maintaining the systems integrity by using these fantastic actuators, again, and saving the customer time and money, by avoiding any additional testing requirements.

Populated with WESTLOCK switchboxes c/w low profile beacon visual position indicators, ASCO 316 series solenoids back-wired into the VPM, and our PneuQEV™ product, a NAMUR mount quick exhaust valve system, that ensures these actuators reach the fail safe position in approx. 1.0 second!

Valve Automation – THINK PNEUTON™