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Wood Washing Tank Valve Solution

by | Sep 23, 2023 | Case Study, Pulp and Paper

Andritz Brasil and ORBINOX cooperate to develop an innovative submerged valve solution for wood washing tanks

Andritz Brasil and ORBINOX worked together to develop the most appropriate solution for a wood washing tank application in one of the most modern paper mills in the world, Klabin Ortigueira (Puma I), in Brazil.

Klabin Ortiguera needed to develop a valve solution for their wood washer tanks, where sand is removed from logs before they move on to the chipping lines. These valves are installed at the water inlets and outlets of the wood washer tanks, the one in the inlet being semi-submerged and the one at the outlet fully submerged. The valves are normally in the open position except in maintenance shutdowns as they are installed in a continuous process to wash the logs.

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