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High density cleaner valve solution

by | Sep 23, 2023 | Case Study, Pulp and Paper

ORBINOX TK through conduit high performance knife gate valve extends average lifespan by more than 12 months

A prestigious cardboard paper producer was looking to increase the lifespan of the knife gate valve installed in the upper position of the junk trap.

Until now, the valve had a durability of 3 months with 260.000 cycles per year. This point of application required a robust, heavy-duty knife gate valve to withstand a large number of cycles, thus optimizing the operation of the high density cleaner.

Orbinox suggested the installation of a TK high performance through conduit knife gate valve with a polyurethane seat. The result is that the valve lasts 4 times longer than the previous one and the client has been able to reduce maintenance shutdowns.

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