Penta ball valve with EL-O-Matic actuator

This DN25 PENTA ‘SAT’ series high integrity metal seated ball valve has been fitted with an EL-O-MATIC ‘F’ series single acting rack & pinion pneumatic actuator c/w a QEV breather block and ASCO 551 series NAMUR mounted mono-stable solenoid valve, and a WESTLOCK valve position monitor.

The ‘heart’ of the valve is it’s unique PENTAFITE seat technology, a patented nickel and graphite matrix dispersion, offering absolute ZERO LEAKAGE performance, within a broad continuous working temperature range of -100°C to +780°C, and working pressures up to 720 barg!

In this application, the valve is destined for use as a critical isolation valve on a CO2 system, at a working pressure of 3.8 bar-g @ 300C.  PNEUTON™ – Expect more than products, expect solutions